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Born in 1976, in Frunze (Bishkek, Kirgizstan).In 1990 moved to Altai where graduated from the Barnaul TeacherTraining University.

Began to study Art in 1997. In December, 2000 Alexey was accepted into the Union of Young Artists of Altai called "Vzglyad" and participated in the exhibition of the year 2000. In September 2001 several young artists of Altai founded a Union of Young Artists in Altai territory ,which was sponsored by the professional State Union Of Altai Artists.

At the Exhibition of Young Artists of Altai in September 2001 - SECOND PRIZE ( the highest) Alexey shared with one artist and as a result one of his works was sent to the Federal State Exhibition in Moscow,which is going to take place in December 2001.( See the exhibition list below)

Alexey Biryukov' works are in private collections in United States Hawaii, Australia,Germany and also in Russia.

He uses many styles and art techniques and thinks if there is a talent it can be revealed in any ways or forms.

His favourite artists are: Corinth, Max Slevogt, Gustav Klimt, Adndre Derain, Picasso, Claude Monet, Corot, Prendergust , Konstantin Korovin, M.Vrubel, Dmytrii Alexeev. This list could be endless. Enjoying different styles, still he prefers impressionism. But it is not pure impressionism what he produces. "I like the artistic freedom where I can add some elements of fauvism or modernism or abstraction" - said Alexey.

Considering the COLOR as the main thing in art he can start to create right with a brush without using pencil or some other material to draw. Avoiding drawing helps him to create an illusion of a movement within a picture.

According to Alexey' conception "the main thing is the language of painting itself. I am assured that a sincere artist becomes a sort of medium for some kind of energy, which should be perceived as a certain state or mood within a painting."


1999, December - Talmenka Altai Russia The First Personal Exhibition
2001, January - February, Talmenka Altai Russia "Thirty Impressions"
2001, August - Barnaul Russia "Islands in the Ocean"


2000, June, Barnaul Russia Altai Regional Young Artists Exhibition
2000, December - 2001, January, Barnaul Russia Exhibition of Art Union "Vzglyad"
2001 September - October Barnaul Russia Regional Exhibition of Young Artists of Altai
2001 November - Barnaul Russia Regional Exhibition of Professional Artists of Altai
2001 December - Barnaul Russia Vzglyad 2001
2001 December Moscow Russia Federal State Exhibition Of Russian Artists

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Artwork name: Sail.Sunset.Mauritius

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Oil on Canvas,
(23 5/8"x29 1/2")

Price: SOLD