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Snopov V.

Lenin with his Wife Krupskaya and Children

1964,Oil on Canvas,130x195cm(51 1/4"x76 1/4")

Price: SOLD

Vladimirov I.

Bloody Sunday

circa 1940s,107x198cm(42"x78")

Price: SOLD

Troshichev A.A.

International Friendship

Oil on canvas
120 x 245cm(47 1/4"x96 1/2").
Framed. Minor restoration verso.

Price: SOLD

Kuznetsov Vladimir

The Workers Afternoon. The Enisey Power Station

1968,Oil on Canvas,220x158cm(86 3/4"x62 1/4")

Price: SOLD

Vovk Sergei

Factory Workers

1975,Oil on Canvas,136x160cm(53 5/8"x63")

Price: SOLD

Strelnikov Vladimir

Madonna and Child

1969,Oil on Wood,68x42cm(26 3/4"x16 1/2")

Price: SOLD

Strelnikov Vladimir

Mother and Daughter

Pencil on Paper,
(11 1/2"x9"),
Private Collection

Price: POA

Strelnikov Vladimir


1982,Watercolourand Indian Inkand Pen,45x35,5cm(17,7"x14")

Price: SOLD

Strelnikov Vladimir

Trio by the Sea


Price: SOLD

Sosnovsky Vladimir

Workers Afternoon

1950,Oil on Board,14x22cm(5 1/2"x9")

Price: SOLD

Novikov Nikolay


1977,Ink and Pen on Paper,40x28cm(15 3/4"x11")
Private Collection

Lunev Sergei

Young Female

Ink drawing
on Paper,
104 GBP

Price: SOLD

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